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Photo by Brian C. Janes

Photo by Brian C. Janes

Greta Grenade will steal your heart, captivate your mind, and explode your senses! She is a burlesque performer, producer, and cosplayer based in Los Angeles, California. She has performed burlesque all over LA, and has even traveled to such places as New York, Arizona, and Las Vegas to captivate audiences all across the country! She helped her troupe Victory Variety Hour take home the Bronze Medal at the 2013 Los Angeles Burlypicks, and the Best Troupe award at the 2013 Hollywood Burlesque Festival. Some of her recent festival appearances include the 2014 Nerdlesque Festival in New York, the 2015 Los Angeles Burlypicks, and the 2015 Hollywood Burlesque Festival. She studied under Penny Starr Jr. with All-Starr Burlesque Classes and Lili VonSchtupp with Lili’s School for Wayward Girls. She is a currently the co-producer for Saintly Bomb Productions, best known for producing Treklesque.

“Greta Grenade, whose ass you could use to make a milk shake…”
-Patricia “Ambrosia Minge” Olguin

“[Greta Grenade]‘s act for [Victory Variety Hour']s Unmentionables…is beautiful, intimate, filthy.”
-Penny Starr, Jr

“While comedy was part of the show, one of the numbers was particularly somber. Midway through the night, Greta Grenade emerged with a bear mask and furry brown coat. As the moan of “Meat Is Murder” stirred through the room, she gradually revealed the words strategically placed on her body—like “rump” and “loin” and other cuts of meat. As a statement on animal rights, it’s more effective than a PETA campaign and, as a tribute to The Smiths and Morrissey, it’s absolutely appropriate.”
LA’s Peepshow Menagerie Celebrates Morrissey’s Birthday With Burlesque (NSFW) by Liz Ohanesian, myspace, May 18, 2015

Doctor Who Burlesque!, HotNerdGirl.com, January 15, 2015

“[S]he never broke character the entire night”
Peepshow Menagerie Presents: Cherry Potter and the Prisoners of Datazzkaban by Dorian Black, Geeky Freaky, January 31, 2015

Treklesque: The Search For Pasties by Dorian Black, Geeky Freaky, August 4, 2015